Discover How Realtors Are Converting More Leads To Appointments And Deals WITHOUT Having To Spend Excessive Time Learning Technical Software Or Spend Huge Amounts Of Cash...

Could this system save you money?

How are we making this even better for Realtors?

  • Customised account setups specifically tailored to your business (Usually $1000+)

  • Fully built out SMS and email campaigns for Buyer, Seller and Foreclosure leads that go out over 6 months which are designed to get a client to book an appointment with you on your calendar...

  • Appointment reminder campaigns so your leads/clients NEVER miss/forget an appointment with you...

  • Additional campaigns such as For Sale By Owner campaigns, Open house campaigns and reactivation campaigns for Seller leads...

  • 11 PDF cheat sheets which you can see on your screen now which are sent out throughout the campaigns to provide your clients MASSIVE value and make you and your team the go to realtors in your area.

  • Pre built funnels which include find out what your home is worth funnel, Buyers list funnel, open house funnel, style funnel, foreclosure funnel, sellers guide optin funnel and a survey funnel all of which are ready to go today and have been made to help you get more qualified leads and close more deals!

  • NEW: Review funnel designed to get you more 4 & 5 star reviews and boost organic rankings...

  • More coming every month! Take us for a test drive ⬇⬇


Complimentary 3 Night Vacation With Any New Full Account

As a way of giving back to our community of hard working business owners and promoting our new system we are giving away a 3 night vacation with any new full account!

  • Access to over 30+ destinations in the USA
  • 18 months to redeem the vacation!
  • Enjoy a well deserved trip away
  • We will even show you how you can do these same type of deals for YOUR CLIENTS as well (Just message me when you get in)

Check Out How Our System Is Helping Others...

"As a brand new real estate agent I was left scratching my head on how to get new, fresh leads for my business. I knew I needed to get out there and start meeting people but the techniques that were getting taught seemed ancient to me (flyer drops, door knocking, newspaper ads, etc..)

That's when I happened to connect with Ryan from LionFire Digital and wow did his Business Accelerator blow my mind! This was the sort of stuff I was looking for! So we struck up a deal and we were ready to go.

It didn't take long for the leads to start coming in. Within the first month I had a steady flow coming in day after day and my calendar was booking out all on AUTOPILOT!

I was quickly getting so busy I started enlisting the help of other agents to take on some of the leads (which they were more than happy to help with).

After the first 3 months I had my first close which felt amazing and with each close being worth $30,000 in coms to my business, it's looking like it will be a pretty damn good year!

This month we are on track for 5 closes and with the leads and follow up system that the PRO package includes I could only see this number increasing as we convert more and more over time.

This system has literally BUILT the frontend of my business and could easily be applied to any business that needs leads and a way to organise and convert them. Thanks Ryan & Team!"


"Like Lance Meredith I was also a new agent in the real estate industry and didn't really know what to do and how to go about getting the skills to become a top agent and earn the big $$$.

That's when I got approached by Lance and he stated that he had an incredible system that he was using (The LionFire Digital Business Accelerator) and was getting fantastic results! So much so that he needed to quickly hire new agents to take on the workload and help action all the deals in the pipeline.

From there it was as simple as plugging into the LionFire Digital Business Accelerator and taking the appointments set for me in the system and turning them into $$$.

Ryan, the owner of LionFire Digital even took time out of his day and got on calls with me to help me if I ever felt stuck even though he wasn't obliged to do so.

I really can't believe how easy this was to get started and myself, Lance and the whole team are ecstatic that we are one of the first property teams to get a hold of this system and use it to its full potential.

If you ever get a chance to work with Ryan and his team and use this system I HIGHLY recommend you do! You won't regret it!"





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